Unleash the power of email with Mailchimp

No list? No prob. Build it from scratch with our custom-sign-up form.

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No list? No prob. Build it from scratch with our custom-sign-up form.

Easily create email campaigns
from scratch

Strengthen customer relationships and grow your sales with branded email campaigns and newsletters featuring discount coupons, product recommendations, and more.

Create custom email lists
Use your Commercey purchase data to segment your email list and create targeted campaigns for current and potential customers.

Add products to your emails
Recommend products directly from your product catalog to help customers make the right purchases faster.

Share discount coupons
Create and share customized discount coupons based on user behavior and order data to increase conversion.

Collect emails with a sign-up form
Grow your list of prospective customers with a newsletter sign-up form for interested shoppers.

Build your list while you sleep

Get the most out of your existing customers when you enable newsletter opt-in to automatically import new customer emails to Mailchimp.

List updates are a thing of the past

Customer data easily flows between Commercey and Mailchimp. So, if a customer updates their info in your store, that data is automatically passed to Mailchimp to keep your email list looking fresh and up-to-date.

Short on time? Make ‘em automated

Create automated emails to send at just the right moment, like discount coupons for newsletter sign-ups or a “thank you” message after a customer’s first purchase. Just set it up, and let it go.

Unleash the power of email with MailChimp

Email is the ultimate marketing tool for small businesses. And now you can embrace the power of email marketing like never before with Mailсhimp.

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Available with Business Plan